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Crisis Communication System

Daleville City Schools will use the Crisis Communication System to notify parents and students of situations that might put the students at risk.  Information about school closings due to bad weather will also be forwarded to radio and television stations in the local area.

The Crisis Communication System requires valid phone numbers to be effective.  It is important that the school have valid, working phone numbers so that we may contact you about our students.

Daleville Schools make AYP for second year

Andrew Kelley, superintendent of Daleville City Schools, announced during the August 8th Board of Education meeting that both city schools met the Adequate Yearly Progress goals for the 2012-2013 school year. This is the second consecutive year that both Daleville High School and Windham Elementary School have met the goals and are no longer listed as needing school improvement.

To make AYP, schools must meet performance targets established by the Department of Education for students in reading and mathematics, as well as attendance and graduation rates.

AYP is a standardized system of the No Child Left Behind Act that allows the U.S. Department of Education to determine how every public school and district is performing academically. The results are determined with standardized tests that measure how students perform in reading and mathematics. In addition, elementary and junior high schools must submit attendance rates and high schools must submit graduation rates.

School Match

Daleville City Schools on the list
for fifteen years in a row.


Daleville City Schools has been nationally recognized by SchoolMatch's 18th annual "What Parents Want Award." These awards are presented to only 2,529 of America's 15,571 public school districts for making noteworthy strides to meet the needs of their communities.

SchoolMatch, the nation's largest school selection consulting firm, helps corporate employee families find schools that match the needs of their children. The majority of Alabama's recognized school systems have consistently received the "What Parents Want Award" for most of the last decade. The award, which originated in 1992, recognizes systems that meet standards of excellence in seven criteria:

· Competitive academic test scores
· Accreditation
· Recognition for excellence by a national foundation or the U.S. Department of Education
· Competitive teacher salaries
· Above (national) average instructional expenditures
· Above (national) average expenditures for library/media services
· Small class sizes

The SchoolMatch® staff of school experts salutes those school districts which are meeting the needs and desires of both students and parents.
Corporations and consumers use SchoolMatch® when moving across town, up-grading residences, relocating to a new area, when negotiating child custody issues and for general information about schools.

School administrators use SchoolMatch® to focus on goals for school system improvement based upon the performance of other "mean matched" schools, a method of comparing their school system with those that have similar characteristics. SchoolMatch® has successfully conducted more than 1,000 Educational Effectiveness Audits of school systems throughout the country.

A collection of over 97,000 parent questionnaires completed by SchoolMatch clients reveals that the seven items are the qualities parents most often look for in school systems. Only secondary schools are eligible for this distinction since parents usually try to find school systems that produce quality high school graduates. The systems were judged using auditable information gathered annually state-by-state from sources including county assessors, county auditors, state taxing authorities, and state departments of education.

For more information about SchoolMatch, call (614) 890-1573 or visit the Web site

School Supplies

Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States.
To obtain this information, the Daleville City Board of Education participates in E-Verify.